I am a visual designer who wants to make people aware of the dishonesties & problems in the world, by using research, conceptual thinking and graphic design. With my own projects, I want to open the eyes of people, activate them and let them think in different perspectives so they can reflect upon their self.

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© 2018 Mady Verkerk

experience design, awareness

“Do you feel awkward?
Are you comfortable
to see yourself?
How real are you?
Are you influenced
by others?.”

Editorial design, awareness

“Things you need to
know in order to be
a sustainable designer.”

book design, awareness

“On pages like these,
reality itself becomes
even unrecognisable.”

Responsible Design

While designing I always keep the next elements into account.


I do not participate in any form of production where human rights are ignored. We need an economy without exploitation in third world countries. This is a reason why I prefer small-scale work and avoid mass production in other countries.


According to the next economy, it’s no longer about only self-interest, but about cooperation, connection and being creative together. Together we can find solutions to the problems that are currently happening in the world. Together we can find solutions to make your brand more valuable, a brand that make sense nowadays.


At the moment, a lot of pollution is a fact in this world. As a designer I do not want to contribute to this. That is why I want to use as many natural products as possible. Therefore I work together with environmentally responsible printing companies.