Mady Verkerk

‘a designer with 8 years of experience in the field of graphic design & branding.’

I have always been involved in creating art and entrepreneurship since an early age. I sold my paintings in 8th grade and I have always been passionate about design and photography. After completing my study at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, I started working as a fashion designer for a while. However, it turned out that I still wanted to do another study to learn more about branding and bringing my skills to another level. During my studies at the Willem de Kooning Academy and my internship at Tony’s Chocolonely, I learned a lot about strategic branding and immediately applied this knowledge in my own company, which I had founded back in that time already.

I love to see how people make their dreams become reality. It’s motivating and fantastic to empower people during the start-up phase of their new businesses/companies. Creating beautiful things together and building a new future is what makes me really happy.

That’s why freedom is a very important concept for me. Freedom of choice, mental freedom, financial freedom and freedom to go where and whenever you want. You weren’t born to work from 9 to 5 every day for a boss and perform a job that you actually don’t like. You were born to create, to paint your own life and to live life to the fullest.

In addition to entrepreneurship, branding and photography, I attach great importance to my physical and mental health. Therefore, I can often be found in the gym or on the beach. Meditation, rest days and ice baths keep me sharp and keep me from shying away from mental challenges.


Fun facts


  • The beach is my second home
  • Loves to party
  • Sometimes a little bit clumsy
  • Rules are there to break them
  • Hitting the gym is my hobby, just like photography, crypto and working on my mental health
  • I would prefer to snowboard the whole winter and surf all summer


The breeze of the sea really calms me down, that’s why water and wind are one of my biggest inspirations. Sick of the plastic and other trash that’s floating in the sea…I am finding my way into the next economy, searching for new solutions on graphic design. For this reason, planet earth and human rights are really important elements to keep in mind while designing. Working with honest and transparant companies is therefore an absolute must.

I do not participate in working with companies that are responsible for any form of human exploitation.

Companies I worked with

freelance work, internships and collaborations


‘Feeling confident
while being yourself.’

That’s the goal of every photoshoot. Capturing you as you are and giving you that extra confident feeling when you look at the pictures afterwards.

I think everybody is pretty in his/her own way and there is always a reason to take a photograph or freeze a little happy moment. Whether it is a picture of yourself, together with your partner or friends, a photoshoot for your business or just a very special day to celebrate.

I love to: see you smile, see you enjoying the moment and see you even more smiling while looking at yourself a few weeks later!



‘Turn your dream into
a visual reality.’

I believe in a world in which people get the most out of themselves, and where people turn their passion into a life profession. Because there is nothing more beautiful than a world where dreams become reality. And hey, I have good news: your dreams CAN become reality, with the right mindset and the right strategy.

Joy is therefore a key word in my life. When you are enjoying everything you do, follow your passion and living your live to the fullest. You can create your own journey, your own path and your own business. The trick is to make it even more yourself with a brand strategy and concept which perfectly fits you and where you can be really proud of.

My mission is to create stunning brand identities for starting entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs and companies who are looking for a change. I love to empower people by searching for their personal mission and vision they really have deep inside, and translate this into a brand identity for your company! Because most of the time, the answers are already inside you. You just need that extra question, and that little graphical spark.

Studio Mady ensures, together with you, that the brand essence of your company is clearly described. Then visually introduce your brand into the world in an appealing, stunning and strategic way. Together we can turn your dream into a visual reality!

Branding includes:

Brand Strategy – Brand identity – Brand Photoshoots – Webdesign – Graphic Design


Timeless design

To ensure that your visual identity lasts for years, it is important that the design fits the core of the brand and your personal identity. Think of the vision, mission and core values. By opting for a timeless design, you ensure that your brand will last for years and will remain consistently recognizable.

Goal oriented

If you are willing to give everything for that one goal that you have in mind, nothing is impossible. By working purposefully, we close noise from our path and together we ensure that we will achieve your goal with an appropriate strategy.

Honesty and transpareny

I attach great importance to ‘honesty and transparency’. By being honest and transparent you create trust in the visual and verbal communication from the brand, but also as a person.