Hi there!
Nice that you’re wondering why studio Mady exists.
Well… Let me explain why we’re here…

Studio Mady is convinced that you can’t build a great brand on a weak foundation and that a strong foundation comes from deep within. We believe in a world where people are aligned with themselves and can turn their ambitions, dreams and goals into reality by means of a strong foundation.

Through deep self-reflection and 1:1 brand coaching, we ensure that your brand has a strong foundation on which you can build your dream brand or company

After building the brand foundation, we add a little graphical spark to it, so your mission and vision will be clear to the outside world. Your goals will be visual and you can be fully focused on your sales and make it flourish.

Want to know more about our way of working?

Mady Verkerk

Self-reflection and exploration

Mady has always been fascinated by psychology and mindset. Your way of thinking plays a huge role in your life and in running a successful business. The way you talk and present yourself to other people is just as important.

By being aligned with yourself, you will see that it is easier to describe your goals and dreams. A strong foundation and a clear vision (you and your thoughts) ensure you can build a strong brand and a stronger (visual) identity.

To make this happen we apply 3 core principles that create more value to our way of working together with you.

Timeless design

To ensure that your visual identity lasts for years, it is important that the design fits the core of the brand and your personal identity. Think of the vision, mission and core values. By opting for a timeless design, you ensure that your brand will last for years and will remain consistently recognizable.

Goal oriented

If you are willing to give everything for that one goal that you have in mind, nothing is impossible. By working purposefully, we close noise from our path and together we ensure that we will achieve your goal with an appropriate strategy.

Honesty and transparency

I attach great importance to ‘honesty and transparency’. By being honest and transparent you create trust in the visual and verbal communication of the brand, but also as a person.

Companies I worked with

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