brand foundation | graphical spark

Together with Larissa, owner and skin expert from Bélier Skin Studio, I went in search of her true mission and vision. By asking in dept questions which provides insight and through brainstorm sessions, we have been able to determine the deep meaning of her skin studio and created the brand identity which truly fits her personality and brand.


Bélier, also known as the Aries, is the first sign in the zodiac and represents new life and the start of a new cycle on earth. Bélier is here to give you some selftime every now and then.

Bélier Skin Studio is the place where you can relax and give yourself the right skin treatment for skin improvement. The treatments are ranging from a comfort and energy session, to an active facial treatment to help you get rid of your skin problems. Skin expert Larissa, owner and founder of Bélier, will give your skin an energetic boost, using only natural products.

Lay down on the beauty bed and stare into the stars. Breath in…breath out. It’s time for a new skin cycle.