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Voor traumaverwerking en burn-out

strategic branding | photography | graphic design

Together with Mandy, owner and coach from Ik Moed, I went in search of her true mission and vision. By asking good questions that provide insight and through brainstorm sessions, we have been able to determine the deep meaning of her coaching company and bring it to the outside world in a strategic way. 


Ik Moed streeft naar een wereld waarin bekend is dat trauma, burn-out en angstklachten te genezen zijn zonder medicijnen. Een wereld waarin de stem van het lichaam serieus wordt genomen. Want de stem van je lichaam vertelt je wat jouw pad is.


Ik Moed wil op het gebied van trauma, burn-out en angstklachten, de kloof dichten tussen evidence based gezondheidszorg en practice based gezondheidszorg. Ik Moed gelooft erin dat genezing mogelijk is en dat wanneer er oprechte verbinding is met de cliënt, er sprake is van een holistische aanpak en de client de regie heeft en houdt zodat hij/zij, zijn/haar eigen pad kan volgen.

It is important to welcome a client in a safe and warm environment, so we decided to photograph the practice space. On the website, you immediately get a feeling of the space and an inside about who Mandy is and how she works.

Various expressions have been designed for Ik Moed. For the recognisability of the company, the logo, brand colours, Mandy herself and the practice space are showed consistently.

Ik Moed provides walking coaching in Austria for people with trauma and burnout. We have designed a book called ‘Moed boekje’ which give you 28 days full of insights and awareness. The first week the clients can keep track of their everyday process in Austria. After the day of departure, you can continue writing for 21 days, so that you can integrate the new insights into your life. Why 21 days? Because it takes 21 days to integrate new insight and new patters.