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Voor traumaverwerking en burn-out

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Together with Mandy, owner and coach from Ik Moed, I went in search of her true mission and vision. By asking in dept questions which provides insight and through brainstorm sessions, we have been able to determine the deep meaning of her coaching company and bring it to the outside world in a strategic way. 

Ik Moed believes in a world in which it is known that trauma, burnout and anxiety complaints can be cured without medication. A world in which the voice of the body is taken seriously. Because the voice of your body tells you what your path is.

Ik Moed wants to close the gap between evidence-based healthcare and practice-based healthcare in the field of trauma, burnout and anxiety. Ik Moed believes that healing is possible when: There is a genuine connection with the client, there is a holistic approach and when the client is taking control so that he/she can follow his/her own path.

It is important to welcome a client in a safe and warm environment, so we decided to photograph the practice space. On the website, you immediately get a feeling of the space and an inside about who Mandy is and how she works.

Various expressions have been designed for Ik Moed. For the recognisability of the company, the logo, brand colours, Mandy herself and the practice space are showed consistently.

Ik Moed provides mindful walking coaching in Austria, for people with trauma and burnout. We have designed a book called ‘Moed boekje’ which give you 28 days full of insights and awareness. The first week the clients can keep track of their everyday process in Austria. After the day of departure, you can continue writing for 21 days, so that you can integrate the new insights into your life. Why 21 days? Because it takes 21 days to integrate new insight and new patters.