Graphic & Conceptual designer with a mission to make people aware of the consequences of consumerism. I want to be innovative on the field of branding and sustainability. For this reason, working with honest brands and companies only is a real must. What I do: Graphic design – Branding – Visual Identity – Experience design – Print – Webdesign

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Mady Verkerk / 45R


This is a project where we decided to design a shoe for young creatives.

We are using the concept of the traditional hiking shoe-and make it into a more fashionable shoe that can be used when ‘hiking’ between your multiple creative identities. Our brand is designed for young creatives wanting to reach the top.

This is why our brand name is 45R. 45R is the UTM_ZONE of the mount Everest. The highest top of this world.


Our target group works and moves around the creative industries – which is why creativity is one of our core values. We have translated this value into a shoe that can be worn in divers creative disciplines.


‘The 20-year-old Londoner spent last year straddling the NYC art, skate and fashion spheres. As 2018 beings. Blondey McCoy’s career is the perfect blue print foor millennials wanting to make it big.’ – High Snobiety Magazine, 4 Jan.2018


Collaboration with:

Floris Beuger
Rose van Zijl




June 24, 2018