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Born by publicity, killed by publicity

Mady Verkerk / Born by publicity, killed by publicity

Born by publicity, killed by publicity

People who see this publication need to become aware of the dishonesties in the world and that we are mainly responsible for what is happening in the third world countries, especially about the subject fashion.

I have researched how the theme glamour manifests itself, is interpreted and adapted in contemporary society. How this manifests itself in media, art, design, culture and entertainment. My biggest source was Instagram. At the moment, thousends of people are presenting themselves perfectly on social media. But behind these perfect dreams is a hidden world, people who are being exploited.

In this publication, you can see the contrast between the “perfect life” that we can live in the western world and the people from the periphery countries that make this happen to us.

With this contrast, I want to show how selfish and narcissistic it is how we live here. We want more and more, at the expense of the people who produce it for us. At the end of the book you see the collapsed factory in Bangladesh, where we as buyers, are responsible for in the Western world. With this book I want people to realize that we have to take this responsibility and be less materialistic.


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Nice to know:
By doing this researched I learned a lot about fast-fashion and the strand world around beauty, clothing and everything that has to do with our appearance. It has already arisen in the earlier years and it only gets worse because of social media.

It changed my way of shopping. I never buy clothes at large fashion companies and always check where my clothes are made before I buy it.


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June 26, 2018