Graphic & Conceptual designer with a mission to make people aware of the consequences of consumerism. I want to be innovative on the field of branding and sustainability. For this reason, working with honest brands and companies only is a real must. What I do: Graphic design – Branding – Visual Identity – Experience design – Print – Webdesign

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Real Reflection Room

Mady Verkerk / Real Reflection Room

Real Reflection Room

A conformist is a person who follows traditional standards of conduct. You are a conformist, it’s unlikely you’ll join a revolution to overthrow your government; instead you’ll argue that it’s best to keep things the way they are. You are not questioning the status quo.

When you conform to others and your environment, you are not helping yourself. To act the way others want to see you, is a vision that is short-sided. You create a self image that is not the real you, but a short euphoria that makes you think you’re happy. You are high for the attention of others, therefore you are letting yourself down. You create the illusion of becoming a exalting person when you conform yourself to others through clothing and other materialistic stuff. You are part of the society of the spectacle. You can break trough this way of seeing. We want you to realize that you are an unique person with a unique perspective on the world.

Step in

The first step in the Real Reflection Room… you immediately see a question: How real are you? The light flashes on…The only thing you can see right know is the question and a twenty-time reflection of yourself. You are put in a judging position. Everybody who walks by looks at you, but you are not able to see anybody else than yourself.  Do you feel awkward? Are you comfortable to see yourself? How real are you? Are you influenced by others?




June 26, 2018