Graphic & Conceptual designer with a mission to make people aware of the consequences of consumerism. I want to be innovative on the field of branding and sustainability. For this reason, working with honest brands and companies only is a real must. What I do: Graphic design – Branding – Visual Identity – Experience design – Print – Webdesign

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RET Local Roots

Mady Verkerk / RET Local Roots

RET Local Roots

“A farm beneath your feet.”

When we look at the RET, we think of a place that has more potential, than what it is nowadays. The emotional parts are missing in the journey of the RET, which inspired us to do something with it. We want to create a place which approach people, suppresses the stress and create a sustainable future.

In 2060 the Netherlands will possibly count around 20 million inhabitants. Rotterdam is a big city and will receive a large amount of people, which causes overpopulation. Housing will enlarge and take most of our land including places to grow and farm in and around Rotterdam.

We create a place where it’s possible to farm underground in the (empty) rooms of the RET. It’s a place where people can connect and create a sustainable future together.The vegetables are used and sold in the local restaurants. The waiting rooms become a place to feel relaxed and being able to take a break from the busy life. By stimulating our senses in ways that are proven to make you calm.

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This project is in collaboration with:

Julia van Soest
Luca Ramaekers
Lotte Spijkers


branding, Conceptual


December 18, 2018