Graphic & Conceptual designer with a mission to make people aware of the consequences of consumerism. I want to be innovative on the field of branding and sustainability. For this reason, working with honest brands and companies only is a real must. What I do: Graphic design – Branding – Visual Identity – Experience design – Print – Webdesign

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Mady Verkerk / WTRBASE.


Have you ever questioned yourself, how many times you have used a marker before you lost it? My mission was to create a marker with more value. In a time where sustainability is a must and no longer nice-to-have, I think brands need to really consider how design can influence the life of the product beyond consumer use. Therefore, I designed a marker that’s compostable. Printed with bio-plastic and filled with biological inks. This simple detail means that one step is eliminated from the recycling process. The product is delivered in a nice case, which serves as a place to store your marker neatly. In the case you can find a manual with a description on how to make the ink and how to fill, reuse and compost the marker. When the compost process is started, the marker will disappear within a year.


branding, Conceptual, Visual Identity


December 18, 2018